Mamas & babies oh, driving me crazy, 

say babe, I give up

This pushing and shovin', where is the lovin'?

say babe, I give up

I'll trade in my gold, oh ya, cause you got me sold, oh well

and babe, I give up

Diamonds and rings, all them innocent things well now

Babe, I gave up.


Ohh, oh, oh, yeah yeah


My timing ain't well cause I dried up my well and now

Babe, I can't stop

Well f*** it, I fought it, and then I went out and bought it cause

Babe, I can't stop

So send me to rehab, cause I need a recap and 

Babe, what the f***?

This mental abuse is just a fine excuse and so babe, 

Just don't stop.


Ohh, oh, oh yeah yeah


Ooo they say, "What did you know!" 

I've done it all, so many times

Gunna aggravate, I'm gunna rationalize

Oh, its the seed that I sow

I've bit my tongue, so many times

Gunna elevate, I'm gunna blow my mind

"Whats wrong?" 

It's the tree, the tree I don't fall far from!


Ohh ohh oh ooooo


You are my saviour, I'm sorry about my behaviour but 

Babe, don't give up

Cause its all that I knew, yeah it's all that I've been through so

Babe, don't give up

F*** pastors and preachers, cause the world is your teacher and

Babe, don't give up

Love me or leave me cause life it ain't easy but babe,

Just don't stop. 


Ohh, oh, oh yeah yeah

Ah, ah, oh

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