Maybe if I hold this in
Maybe if I turn you on
Maybe if the lights stayed down?
Maybe if this house burns down
I'll wait for you there!
Maybe when these cops, they throw me out
Maybe as these walls come falling down
Maybe just these days these doors are open, Ahh ah ahh!
And it's close to me now, but there's reigns in my mouth!
Maybe if these walls keep falling
maybe when these walls come caving in
Maybe as this all rusts in the pouring rain
Buried under all these ashes
Carried off like seeds in pastures
Maybe as the winds blows me around
Why don't you tell me now? Oh wow
Is it a 6 or a 9? 
Is it my past left behind?
Maybe when I've wasted all your time...
You can ask me
Cause I've been in this house before
Calling me down the stairs
When life is full of closing doors
We're gonna burn it, burn it, burn it down!
I meant everything I said
What I believe, is what I believe, I'll pretend 
That I still believe you!
Though your face is as red as the hot sun! oh the hot sun! 
Maybe I imagined all the places you've been travelling through and my heart goes outside of me and out into the grassy roots
I am calling all through these trees, in this house and down through the fields
Maybe one day I will hold your hand the Dandylion man
Oh let me go! Take me away!
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