Oh let me go, let me send all my friends away
It's my weakness, forgive my ways, you're gunna give it anyways
Descending brings my whole world down
you goddamn zombies with the goddamn sickness in your mouth
My decisions... They say "Oh babe, you got nothing to say"
I fill my pockets till my bottle is half empty once again
Baby, I need it all anymore
Won't somebody help heal what's in my heart?
Didn't say I needed any help, well I did
I Thought I could fix it, I must admit
Homeboys, it ain't easy being me
The things to which I'm prone, when I am left alone
Hate to say, It's weak, I know
Well it's been a long time since I knew 
when my friends all had partners and apartments
anyway I choose I'm gunna have to go that way
There's no course like I thought there was
Yeah, I know that's it's all a faint mirage 
Dreams of sunny days might help the darkness go away
And I won, I wonder how
You can go to bed and wake up and feel proud
I couldn't do it
I knew it was all important, all of this misfortune 
The paths that some take
Tease me, it's getting easier
I've been a piece for you to take home
Tease me would ya, It's getting easier every day
Was I meant for more?
I'm just a child in the middle of my heart
Stuck in the middle of 2 dancing monkeys with 2 pictures in their hands 
One's got me, the other's got you
What's a poor young girl to do when she has no mechanism to understand?
disassociate from all this pain
I've been hiding, been denying
no more
I'm rooting into my love
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